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We have specialized services

At Cameron Termite & Pest Control, we specialize in termite and bed bug removal. Termites are the most destructive insects in the United States. Don't let your home fall to infestation - call us today.

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Professional pest control services for your

If you've discovered a pest problem, then give us a call right away before the problem gets worse. You can also get preventative services to stop issues before they become problems. We offer 5 point pest control services for all insects to ensure they're taken care of.


At Cameron Termite & Pest Control we can remove ants, roaches, fire ants, ticks, fleas, bed bugs, spiders, and more.

Household pest control


Stop the problem before it becomes a problem. Get an inspection today.

- All insects including bed bugs

- Lawn treatments for fleas and ticks

- Real estate termite inspections

- One year limited warranty

- Professional, friendly services

Our 5 point services:

- Inspection of house interior and exterior

- Removal of exterior nests and cobwebs

- Treatment of entry points

- Applications of pest control materials

- Recommendation of future measures