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Don't let bed bugs ruin your home

While not the most dangerous or destructive insects, bed bugs are some of the most annoying and uncomfortable pests to have in your home. It's hard to sleep well when there are bugs in your bed feeding on you at night.


Don't have another sleepless night in your own home. Contact Us today and let us get started treating your home for bed bugs.

- Vacuum floor and carpets

- Remove all bedding and sheets

- Wash bedding and clothes in hot water

- Launder pillows and rugs

- Repair bed bug harborage sites

Bed bug treatment preparation


Are you ready for bed bug treatment?

Before we come and treat your home for bed bugs, we require your assistance. Your home should be clean to allow easy access for inspection and treatment.

Since the mid-1980s, bed bugs have been reported more and more frequently, after having been nearly eradicated. Don't let your home become a home for bed bugs. We want you to sleep well at night.

Bed bugs are on the rise


When we come to treat your bed bugs, ensure that your home is clean and your clothes are washed. You don't want the bed bugs to come back.

Don't let bed bugs keep you up at night ever again.

Cameron Termite is one of a handful of companies in Pinellas County to do tent fumigation for bed bugs, drywood termites and beetles.


Bed bugs can also be handled chemically.  Call today to learn more about your bedbug eradcation options.